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We are Payal Pandya, the most reliable and the most popular destination for female Escorts in Bangalore. Men of Bangalore are sexually very active and irrespective of whether they are married, having girlfriends or single, most of them are always on the lookout for the best Call Girls in Bangalore and a few of them eagerly searching for the finest Bangalore Escorts money can buy. We started our operations in this lovely city to take care of all these needs of the men living there and they have in turn made us the one stop shop for all their requirements for girls, ultimately making us the most wanted agency in town. We have expanded our services all over the city in order to provide the best to our clients and are operating from popular locations like Varthur, Horamavu, Indiranagar, Rajajinagar, Domlur and much more to come as we keep penetrating the innards of Bangalore to reach more and more of our clients.

We are also the only agency in Bangalore who operates from even relatively unknown places like Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Lingarajapuram, Junnasandra etc. Unknown places they may be, but we have experienced them to be literally untapped goldmines as far as servicing clients is concerned and the success what we saw in the top destinations mirrored in these places also in equal measures, if not more. The almost unheard place called Junnasandra is a case in the point for this, it lies between HSR Layout, Carmelram and Electronics city, in the south western part of Bangalore, one of the fastest developing zones of the city. Just like many peripheral suburbs of the city, it developed in the 2000’s by the rapid encroachment of many lake beds and currently teems with mixed populations of IT Industry employees belonging to various other states, local farmers, businessmen from Tamil Nadu and Kerala etc. Junnasandra is more like a hot potpourri of different cultures, languages, attitudes and sexual needs, a point which helped us achieve big success there.


The girls who work for us in Junnasandra are the best Independent Bangalore Escorts you will ever come across. There are a bevy of gorgeous looking sex maidens working for us there, who will to take care of all your needs in bed and ensure your complete satisfaction. They are young, hot and a dream to make love to on bed. We have specially chosen girls who are software professionals to work as independent escorts for us and there are many non working girls also, who work as full time escorts along with them. The working girls are in their early 20’s, well educated, belonging to decent families and mainly employed in IT companies as Software engineers, Developers, programmers etc.

The full time girls are also 20 something’s, equally qualified and have good family backgrounds as well. All these girls belong to various Indian states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal and others. They have chosen to work for us in full understanding of the needs of this profession and the risks involved and have no objections anything thereof. We also treat them like members of our family and look after them very well. Since ours is a service industry, customers’ satisfaction is our prime goal and so our approach to this line of work is totally professional to say the least and so the girls act like representatives of our professionalism.

We take our commitment one step further and regularly hire the services of personality development coaches, Language specialists and grooming experts to hone the overall communication skills of our girls to enable in boosting their confidence and self expression. We also get the girls undergo regular medical checkups to ensure that they are free from communicable diseases before they service our clients. The girls are also fitness enthusiasts and keep themselves healthy by working out in the Gym, practicing Yoga and generally maintaining their personal hygiene. All this results in ensuring the complete satisfaction of our clients and reflects overwhelmingly in their reviews of our services. The reviews are available as testimonials in our website for all to see and understand the level of commitment we have towards our clients.


When it comes to attracting a customer, 2 factors are very important, one is the quality of service and the second one is the cost. We score on both the levels as we provide high quality services at prices which are affordable for any client of ours. It is purely in the ease of customization available to our clients that, we stay ahead of our competition. For example if you are a stressed out marketing executive of a company who wants to take a weekend off and relax, we advise you to pick up our girl, drive to a coffee shop and enjoy a simple date, then go to a shopping mall and shop with her as long as you want, take her to a movie and snuggle with her in a dark corner and after the movie is over , have a romantic dinner in a nice hotel, once the dinner is over take her to your Flat and make love to her to your heart’s content. As you can see, the sky is the only limit for what all you can plan with our girls and it’s our promise that when you take her as your date, you will feel as if she is your girlfriend and not someone who has come to have sex with you for money.

That is the level of finesse we ensure in our services. We offer our girls for both incalls and outcalls, the incalls can be enjoyed at the independent girl’s flat for a true blue experience our services or if you prefer the comfort of a nice hotel, we have arrangements with plenty of escort’s friendly places all over Junnasandra only for your convenience and you can take any girl for your session. If instead you want to take our girl for a short trip outside Bangalore to a nearby place, our full time girls will be available for you whenever you want. For the short trips, the independent girls will be only available by prior booking of their dates. When it comes to what the girls can do for you, leave your doubts behind as we have trained our girls to handle any request of yours in bed, be it blow jobs, hand jobs, showering, massaging, 69, anal and vaginal penetration and many more. So if you happen to be in our locality, call us without wasting your time and savor sex the way you have never done.